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Welcome to® where, "Saving is Made Simple." Our vision is to provide the general public with easy and convenient methods and systems to educate, access and redeem coupons on a regular basis. At the same time offer businesses and services, of all sizes, an easy way to provide their promotion and call to action offer to their consumers. I believe we have made that possible through®

I first created the idea in Toronto, Canada in 2002 after I realized that coupons and mailing programs were not as effective as we all believe. Many printed coupons never even made it to the post office. Or were thrown aside or used as scrap paper. Not effective use of your marketing investment for businesses. Today, with the digital age, we can do 2 powerful things: 1: save more paper and be more environmentally conscious and “green” and 2: social media has allowed us to share our coupons in the blink of an eye. We have worked very hard over the last 2 years to bring to you the latest version (which will be in a constant mode of improvement) and we trust you will enjoy using and recommend the savings, special offer, recommendations and deals to your family, friends, co-workers and business associates.

Consumers: As a consumer you get free membership where you can easily browse through our coupons and offers from established companies, select, save and print and store in your mobile device. You can even save your selections to review and use again at a later date. We are constantly developing many more great ways to save you and your family even more every day, week, month and through out the year! Sign up now.

Businesses: This has never been easier. In 5 simple steps you can create your own coupons and within 10 minutes your promotion will be live and working for you to attract even more customers into your shop or service making purchases. We have made it easy to email and share with friends and social networks. Add your promotion.

Who Benefits:
What we have created has taken over 2 years to come to this stage and huge investments. Now we are so happy to be able to provide consumers and businesses to both save money and help each other out interacting and building lasting business to consumer relationships and trust where everyone wins and benefits!

Our unique program can build and load a promotion within minutes, giving a business the ability to save on expensive printing and mailing charges, peace of mind to know that your promotion doesn't actually end up on the side of the street, recycling bins or the garbage, but is actually getting into the hands of paying clients where they can quickly use the coupons right away and share it with friends, family and co-workers. Easy to use and it works.® provides one of the most innovative and unique marketing services in Toronto, Canada and Cartagena, Colombia. Sending effective messages and strategies to your ideal customer base. We extend the best professional consulting service to our loyal customers. Meeting, delivering and exceeding our clients needs and expectations, while offering excellent value for their investment. (Advertising agencies welcome).® saves you and your customers money and creates an increasing loyal consumer base who will repeat shop at your establishment and services. We will provide customer support and help at any time during your set up. In an environmentally conscience world we are doing our part to reduce the greenhouse effect and be an eco friendly company by eliminating the option for printed paper products. Let's face it, owning a website is critical in todays business world - it offers global exposure and credibility. But ask yourself one question, "what if no one can find it?" Answer =® We offer unique tools, resources, expertise, experience and services so your customers to find you. And a cause to action. “We've taken Promotions to an entirely new level.” Join us today and see why. Your customer simply selects your promotion on our "eWallet" (promotion shopping basket) that allows them to select then print only the promotion(s) they wish to use. 5 can fit on a single page, in the convenience and comfort of their own home, school, institution, organization and office.

• Online Promotions start as low as Reg: $147/month. With today’s introductory launch special you pay only $97/month (minimum three (3) months). Imagine, that’s so much better than printing, mailing and hoping it arrives in the hands of your customers.
• Three (3) FREE month for new accounts when you sign up for 6 months plan
• Refer a new client and get a FREE month. Six FREE months for new accounts when you sign up for 1 year or refer a new client and get a free month


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